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Can I interest you in a battery-operated vagina?

andrer welten kind
24 March 1984
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"Luka is a regal and imposing figure."
"Luka is a tall and commanding man."
"Luka is a big boy and will probably mature to around 55 to 60 lbs."
"Luka is a decent human as well."
"Luka is the amazing positive energy he exudes in his performances."
"Luka is one of the more adorable creatures to hit the earth."
"Luka is definitely overwhelming."
"Luka is nothing short of astounding."
"Luka is largely intact."
"Luka is a great hunter and can cover many miles without tiring."
"Luka is simply unacceptable."
"Luka is the best character on the show."
- Googlism

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(day)dreaming, 19th century, abandoned places, absurdities, acting, alice in wonderland, ambiguity, amelié, androgyny, anything morbid, art, bdsm, being neither, berlin, bisexuality, books, cheesy porn dialogues, civil rights, cooking, creativity, creepy carnivals, cultural history, cultural studies, daydreaming, dean's unicorn, doctor who, drag kings, drag queens, drawing, dystopias, earthdawn, emoboy petting zoos, english, equality, everyday adventures, fairytales, fandom, finding crack in everything, folk tales, free thinking, freedom, futuristic prostitutes, gabe saporta's basement, gay rights, gender, gender studies, genderfuck, ghost stories, hans bauer vom bnd, hedwig_and_the_angry_inch, history, human sexuality, igor and his kalashnikov, improv acting, independence, independent theatre, john cameron mitchell, king_ballack_and_his_boyharem, kink, kinsey scale, klaus nomi, leaf-shaped pearl-hearts, learning from mistakes, london, lustful slowdancing eels, making lists, military history, museums, music, mythology, nights, nights in berlin, obligatorische episodenanfangstote, oceans, overidentifying, oxymorons, oz, paganism, pansexuality, photoshop, playing the emo-piano, ponchos of happiness, postcards, pro-choice, psychology, queer, random obsessions, reading, reenactment, rentboy makeout machine, road trips, rocky horror picture show, shortbus, social work, spike/niveau, strange little details, surrealism, taking_retro_to_its_logical_conclusion, tea, the last unicorn, the mighty boosh, theatre, too_many_bands_to_list_them_all, transgender, victoriana, volunteering, walter moers, war movies, weird music, what would freud say?, zero to fanboy


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